Massimo Sebastiani - Italian Version

Born in Borgosesia (VC, Italy) on 24th November 1956.

At the age of six, he took his first photos under the guidance of his grandfather Ernesto Sebastiani sculptor and photo-amateur, black and white shots, development and reprint.
He abandoned his architecture degree course at the University and started his job as a developer by a professional photographic laboratory, where he took a particular interest in printing and quality control.

In 1983 he opened a new business in Bardonecchia, devoted to studio portraits, architectural photo and advertising. He continued to study different photographic techniques.
He pioneered photography courses for cultural associations and school in the Susa valley.
He ran a photography course at the "Liceo Sperimentale Oulx" for the National Youth Project.

In February 1992 the magazine "Photo Italia" included his work among that of 22 young Photographer from the USA, France and Italy.
His work has been published on: "Torino Magazine", "Photo Italia", "Tutti fotografi", "Generalanzeiger", "Die Welt".
He carried out the black and white images of Milano on the calendar Domenichelli 1993.

In 1993 he invented Jazz Color technique.

In 1995, he published the images in black and white "Ritratto di Bardonecchia" in the book "Percorsi della memoria" of the author Maria Luisa Tibone and commented by Giorgio Martellini.

He carried out the black and white on the calendar "Voglia di lavorare 2004" and "Voglia di Lavorare 2005" for Candiolo (TO) Hospital.
Personal exhibitions:
- "The silente of Rochemolles", exhibition hall, Bardonecchia (TO, Italy) (1987).
- "Thales from the mountain", schools, Bardonecchia (TO, Italy) (1988); Hall of S.Rocco Chapel, Sauze dOulx (TO, Italy) (1989); schools, Beaulard (TO, Italy) (1990).
- "Photos", exhibition hall, Bardonecchia (TO, Italy) (1988); Giardino dei Principi, Loano (SV, Italy); Italian-American Institute, Genoa (1994).
- "Portrait of Bardonecchia", Principe Eugenio Gallery, Turin (1995).
- "Der Entzauberte Blick", townhall of Siegbourg (Germany) (1999).
- "Massimo Sebastiani", Diwan Caf, Turin (2000).
- "Art and Faith" four Via Crucis, Andrea Contini Gallery (collective), Genoa (2001).
- "The imagined image", Gallery of Italian Cultural Institute, Hamburg (Germany) (2001).
- "Massimo Sebastiani ", Gallery of Italian Cultural Institute, Copenaghen (Denmark) (2001).
- "Massimo Sebastiani", exhibition hall, Bardonecchia (TO, Italy), for Candiolo (TO, Italy) Hospital (2004).
- "Il Vigneto", Centro Studi Cesare Pavese, Santo Stefano Belbo (CN, Italy) (2006).
- "Luci Alterne" I Siti Olimpici a due anni dalle Olimpiadi di TORINO 2006, Casa Olimpia Sestriere (2007), Palazzo delle Feste Bardonecchia (2008), Palazzo Cisterna Torino (2008).
- “Architecture“ sede ING. Real Estate Parigi (2011).
- “Acqua“ sala mostre Regione Piemonte Torino (2011).

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